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To All Egghead Discount Software Alumni
This website is just a place holder and a start for a website that we hope will capture the life and times of Egghead Discount Software and the "Eggs" that help build the company. A lot of good "Eggs" gave a lot of effort to make Egghead the great company it once was.  Wouldn't you like to know where they all went?

Our hope is that we can build a website as a place where Egghead Alumni can post their stories, momories and pictures. It will also keep all the Eggs in one basket!
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ETV Video from 1988 now available HERE! How many people do you recognize?

Do you remember the "EGG's PRESS" newletter? Thanks to Pattie Chase (Vachris as an "Egg") we have one to read.
EGG'S PRESS   (early 1988)
Webemail is available to all Egghead Alumni.  We ask a donation of $10 a year to help keep this site going, but we will setup you up right away.

Just think, you can have your very own First.Last email address!  (where oh where are all those great marketing Eggs when you need them to write eggciting copy?)
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Welcome Egghead Alumni and Visitors, 
We are asking your for help!
This website is in dire need of updating, or should we say, replacing. The platform is a Windows/IIS system with .NET 2.0 and MS SQL Server 2000. We would like to find some old Eggs to help make this a community site for all Egghead Alumni to visit and contribute. We would be open to any Open Source solutions or custom built ones. If you have any desire to help build a new website, please use the contact form and let us know how you wish to help.

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Old Eggs Never Die...
...they just hatch
Do you remember Professor Egghead? Did you work for, Egghead, Egghead Software, Egghead Discount Software, Mac's Place, Rocky Mountain Computer Outfitters or Surplus Direct? If so, please join us to help build this website.

ETV Egghead Software internal promo tape from 1988
Uploaded to YouTube by Larry Foster.
ETV Egghead Software internal promo tape 1988

(Please note: This video has been downloaded and is played from this site for safe keeping.)